Evolution Web-link Resources



- The Complete Works of Charles Darwin - free and online
- Erasmus Darwin's Zoonomia - Charles' Grandpa
- Natural Theology - by the Rev. William Paley (1802)
- Alfred Russel Wallace's original paper on Natural Selection
- The Darwin Exhibit - American Museum of Natural History


- Extensive Evolution Resource List - National Association of Biology
- Evolution Directory - ActionBioscience.org
- Evolution 101- an excellent primer on evolution out of Berkeley
- Evolution Resources - Blackwell Publishing
- Evolution Tutorials - Blackwell Publishing
- Understanding Evolution - Detailed Tutorial & Resource
- PBS's Evolution series
- An ID Critique of PBS's Evolution
- The (Unofficial) Stephen Jay Gould Archive
- Stephen Jay Gould Writings + valuable others
- BBC Education: Evolution homepage
- Evolution Video Library
- Evolution Special Report - New Scientist magazine
- EvolDir- professional evolutionary biologists bulletin board
- EugenicsArchive.Org - an image Archive on American Eugenics Movement
- Geologic Time: Radiometric Time Scale
- Radiometric Dating


- Evolution: Just a "Theory"?
- Ken Miller's Evolution Page
- Scopes Trial Home Page
- National Center for Science Education
- Peppered Moths
- Massimo's Skeptic Web
- A parody of textbook disclaimer stickers
- The Clergy Letter Project
- The Clergy Letter Project Resources & Sermons

The "Intelligent" Design view....

- Discovery Institute
- Creation/Evolution Quiz
- IDEA-intel Design


Becoming Human - Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins
The Human Origins Program - at the Smithsonian Institution
Chimps Belong on Human Branch of Family Tree

UNDERSTANDING PHYLOGENY (a.k.a. Evolutionary Trees)

- What is a Phlyogeny?
- A simple and clear explanation of phylogenies
- Tree of Life Web Project


- Understanding Malaria & Sickle Cell Malaria - an excellent video explaining the basic biology
- Garter Snakes vs. Newts
- Wolf-Moose Drama - Wolves Recover from Disaster
- Ecological Studies of the Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale
- The Cane Toad website
- CSIRO - cane toad and other pest reserch in Australia
- The saga of Myxoma and Rabbits in Australia
- TB and antibiotic resistance
- TB, antibiotic resistance & Russian Prisons
- A recent TB scare via a lawyer
- The Black Plague and HIV Immunity?
- Study Suggests Humans Can Speed Evolution


- The Writings of Carl Zimmer
- What Evolution is: A Talk with Ernst Mayr
- "Evolution: Fact and Theory" by Richard E. Lenski, Ph.D.
- Interview with Larry Arhhart


- Near Earth Object Program - a head's up on another cause of mass extinction!
- Francis Bacon's Novum Organum (1620) - Key text in the birth of what is considered "Scientific Method"

Evolutionary Fictions
- Caminacules, Snouters, etc.
- Snouters
- More about Caminacules