Genetics Web-link Resources



- Dolan DNA Learning Center - center for many of the best genetics learning sites
- DNA from the Beginning - a comprehensive multimedia overview of genetics
- HHMI's BioInteractive - Extensive and current web-lectures & etc.
- Genetics Education Center - comprehensive listing of online resources
- Genetics News & Links - nice listing of web resources
- Cracking the Code of Life- NOVA special watchable online
- The DNA Files" - from NPR
- Nat'l Human Genome Resources - online genetics education listings
- Historical Timeline of Genetics
- Glossary of Genetics Terms
- Blazing the Genetic Trail - HHMI resource
- the Genetics Revolution - Time Magazine resource
- Comprehensive List of Educational Biological Animations (Molecular Genetics)


- Mendelian Genetics Overview - multimeida from the Dolan center
- Mendelian Genetics Summarized - nice brief overview
- Pedigree Analysis Overview
- The Mendel Museum Online
- Mendel's Original Paper: Experiments in Plant Hybridization
- Mendel & Genetics in Contemporary Art


- 3D DNA Tutorial - really nice three-dimensional tutorial
- 50 years od DNA - an anniversary overview
- Rosalind Franklin: Dark Lady of DNA - NPR story 2002
- Block to Polyspermy


Mitosis & Meiosis
- Mitosis & Meiosis - flash animation comparison
- Mitosis animation - nice narrated animation summarizing the steps
- Meiosis animation - nice narrated animation summarizing the steps
- Animation set explaining Mitosis & Meiosis - excellent overview
- Online listing of animations explaining Mitosis & Meiosis
- Pictures of Mitosis
- Another M & M overview
Transcription, Translation & Replication
- Transcription at its most basic
- Translation at its most basic
- Replication at its most basic
- Excellent listing of animations explaining all three processes - please browse
- a web exerecise, including genetic code
- Various animations by Jon Kyrk
- In-depth Transcription video
- Biotech technique animations - visual explanations of common laboratory procedures
- Gel Electrophoresis animation - visual explanations


- Embryonic Stell Cell News
- The Power to Divide - Nat'l Geographic Article
- Time Magazine on Stem Cell Debate- Human Genome Project resource (US gov.)
- The Stem Cell Debate- CNN's view
- Stem Cell Information- from the Nat'l Institute of Health
- Stem Cell Debate Still Thorny Despite Progress- NPR story 2007
- Deriving Stem Cells From Skin, Not Embryos- NPR story 2007
- Stem-Cell Researchers Clone Monkey Embryo (no, not humans yet) - NPR story 2007


- Cloning Overview- listing of various online resources o
- Cloning in Focus- very nice summary
- Cloning FactSheet- Human Genome Project resource (US gov.)
- Cloning Criticism- from GlobalChange
- Therapeutic Cloning Q&A - from the BBC
- Therapeutic Cloning: How it's Done- from Scientific American
- Human Therapeutic Cloning at a Standstill- the role of egg donation


- GMOs- an overview from New Scientist Magazine
- Are Genetically Modified Crops Safe?- extensive NPR story 2006
- GMOs and Human Health- From Ohio State Agricultural Extension
- Genetically Modified Organism - article library- NY TImes (slightly outdated, but still relevant)
- "The Golden Rice Hoax" - by Vandana Shiva
- Americans, Briton Share Nobel for Gene Manipulation - NPR story 2007


- Gene Therapy: An Overview
- Fundamentals of Gene Therapy - from the Food & Drug Administration
- Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage?
- What is Gene Therapy?
- What is Gene Therapy & Treating Cancer - from the Nat'l Cancer Institutes __

- Better Humans- Sci-Fi like devotees to "improving humans"


- Genetic Testing Basics - from how it's done to insurance coverage
- Genetic Testing Overview - from the NIH
- Choosing Baby's Sex - a view from "Babycenter"
- Sex Selection Procedures - for the consumer....
- Genetic Selection - a critical view
- The Eugenics Image Archive - comprehenisve source materials of American Eugenics movement
- Sex Control - from President's Council on Bioethics


- The Innocence Project - DNA evidence overturning wrongful conviction - over 200 so far
- Olympics Gender Testing - does it make sense?
- The Genographic Project - one of many current companies/projects invested in origins & ethnicity
- Is Oprah Zulu? - an article I wrote on problems with "genetic ancestry testing" & ethnicity

- Interview with Dean Hamer - "gay gene" researcher
- Queer By Choice - "gay gene" critique links
- "Homosexualtiy" in OMIM - reference to studies on genetics of homosexuality
- "Gaybros" - a current study on genetics of homosexuality in brothers
- Multiple Genes in "Gay Trait" - BBC News article
- Family Research Council's view - conservative Christian respsonse to the genetics of homosexuality
- LeVay's Study
- Hamer's Studies

Watson Controvery, Genetics & Racial Prejudice
- DNA Scientist Suspended after Africa Comments
- The elementary DNA of Dr Watson- the article that got him in recent trouble
- The complex James Watson


- Understanding the Human Genome Project - Online multimedia explanation - excellent summary
- The Human Genome online~! - search & browse the human genetic material
- NY Times article library - slightly old, but useful!
- 1/5 of Human Genes Already Patented - and this was two years ago!


- Contemporary Art at the Mendel Museum
- DNA Sculpture
- Alexis Rockman paintings
- Eduardo Kac's work
- Critical Art Ensemble