Insect Web-link Resources


An unapologetically incomplete list of some interesting insect resources
GENERAL - an online Guide to Insects! - another webplace & resource for insect lovers!

Bugwise! - yet another useful insect resource

The Insect World - the course blog at SAIC

What's that Bug? - find out here!

Amazing Insect Statistics

Orkin Insect Zoo - brought to you by a leading pesticide company...

In the Undergrowth - BBC does insects

National Geographic Insect Videos

Insectclopedia - insect links of every kind

3D & Virtual Insects


U Illinois Entomology Department

Illinois Natural History Survey

Some Common Illinois Insects


Monarch Watch - Citizen Science on a large and fluttering scale

AntWeb - Authoritative and beautiful ant resource

AntBlog - As a question to an ant expert!

Ant Diversity - you didn't even know how pretty they were

Flying Ants!

Ant Jaws - the fastest snap in the world; using your jaws to jump!

Myrmecological News - an open-access e-journal of ant research

BlattaBase - the cockroach homepage

Cicada Mania

Cicada Pictures - and oh, and so much more!

Waggle-Dancing Bee (video)

Springtails and Dragonflies - for war?? sad


The Ugly Bug Contest - for real. in Oklahoma.

Myrmecos - The AMAZING photos of ants and other insects by Alex Wild

More impressive insect photography...

Barrett Klein - insects, art and culture

Catherine Chalmers - insects artfully posed

The Insect Issue of Cabinet Magazine

Caddisflies made to accessorize & bejewel themselves most extravagantly

Von Frisch and Decoding the Waggle Dance

Bugs on Stamps - a site devoted to exactly that

Insect Illustrations

Entomological Image Page

The Insects Christmas - Starewiczs film

Insect Fear Film Festival

Zack's Bug-Feasting Page - mmm!

On the Radio: NPR stories to listen to online

The Hidden Language of Insects - the otherworldly sounds in the Ecuadorian Forest

Faced with Deadly Bacteria, Butterflies Turn Promiscuous - the vagaries of ecology and sex

Sex Appeal Could Prove Deadly to Cockroaches - taking advantage of sensory biology

Why are Moths Attracted to Flame? - considering of various hypotheses...

The Billion Bug Superhighway You Can't See - what is flying above you right now...

Insects Get a Tasty Makeover